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Being successful and wanting to get married aren't mutually exclusive.

But you'll sometimes be made to feel otherwise

Don't believe that lie. Your success, the woman you are, is what is going to attract your husband; so girl, stand tall with your head high. 

If you are a woman of faith like me, here's something you must know. Praying, fasting and hoping for the best won't get you married. They are good but doing them alone won't get you married.

I did all those things, plus followed what society said I should do to get married. Nothing happened until I focused on my transformation. Growth is non-negotiable if you want to get married.

It is the mix of personal transformation and spiritual alignment that positions you for your marriage. I also want you to know that as you do, this single season becomes a beautiful time for you.

You can enjoy each day till you say I do and I want to help you do that. I want to help you wait gracefully, enjoying each day of this time as you prepare for the love and marriage you want.

You can be expectant that you will get married and still live a life of joy, hope and success.”

Hi! I'm Bunmi Oduah

And I love love. That's what got me helping other women to wait for marriage the right way. Well actually, over ten years of trying and failing to get married, in my strength I must say, is what got me here.

I finally got married but only after I had tucked my tail between my legs and learned how to do things right. I came to realise that I couldn't do it without God's help and a lot of personal transformation. 

This makes me different from the other relationship experts and coaches out there. I've walked the walk and come to our relationship with a lot of empathy and perspective of what it is like to be you.

What Others Say


You are all shades of amazing

I wasn't even done with the class but I had to pause to send you a message. You're the best, your words caused me to reflect on what I wouldn't accept in a relationship. It hit me.


I am getting married in a few days! 

When I joined your community this time last year, I was verrrrryyy single. Today, the story is different. I am getting married in a few days and I had to say THANK YOU BUNMI!


I should be the one thanking you for this opportunity 

I am so grateful. I learned so much from you in class. You have really been a blessing to me, you have no idea.

God bless you. 

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