May 3

4 Relationships you need when waiting

This morning, I did something I have been doing in a few areas of my life.

I decluttered my podcast list. It wasn’t even planned because I opened my podcast app to follow my show, Bible Study with Bunmi.

By the way, if you want to join me on Zoom when I am leading it, then click HERE.

Anyway, as I opened the app, I saw the shows I had followed and thought, I don’t listen to this person anymore.

As I went down the list, I saw more and more shows that I didn’t listen to anymore.

Without overthinking, I started unfollowing them. But there was an intention behind how I did it. I wasn’t unfollowing them because they were bad.

No, I unfollowed them for 2 main reasons.

I had outgrown their message because I had matured.

What they were sharing didn’t apply to my life right now or going forward.

As I did, I lost many shows that were great at one point in my life but no longer are.

I apply this same intentionality to other areas of my life, including my relationships.

I think of the kind of relationships I need in my life, based on the season I am in.

By doing this, I spend my energy on the relationships that matter most to me.

It doesn’t mean I make a whole theatre about breaking up with people.

The Bible says “if it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

Going about telling people you’re breaking up with them isn’t in line with this scripture. It’ll create unnecessary pain and bad blood.

You can do it with wisdom but before you do, here are 4 kinds of relationships you want in this waiting season of your life.

A relationship that stirs your spirituality

Your spirituality is the most important aspect of your life. If that is so, you want a relationship that encourages you to grow it. This might be a prayer partner, a community or your bestie.

The key is that the relationship should be motivating you to grow spiritually.

A relationship that supports your dreams and goals

You’re a go-getter woman. Fact. You want to achieve great things. Fact. You can go far but you’ll go further with the right support and guidance. Seek it.

Find the relationship where your desired goal is expected and normal. That could be a coach, mentor, sponsor, business community or leadership circle.

A relationship for fun activities

Many of us want to grow in many areas of our lives but how often can we say, I want to have fun or I want to learn something new?

This is why we have girlfriends, hobby groups and volunteering communities. Find yours and engage.

A relationship that is an emotionally safe place

Life will happen. You’ll likely get hurt or experience loss. It’s great to have a place where you can unburden when this happens. This may be your bestie or your therapist.

The key is being safe and having a judgement-free zone as you do so.

Here’s what you need to do next concerning your relationships. Think of them in light of your current season and where you are going next.

  • What role are they fulfilling in your life?
  • Do they fit that role or do you need to make any changes?
  • Which relationships have you outgrown or don’t share your values anymore?
  • Which relationships share what you desire and need more of your attention?

It’s time for some intentional spring cleaning. Do it with love, grace and kindness.

Reduce interactions where needed.

Increase conversations where needed.

Sign up to communities where needed.

Ask for help where needed.

Do this and you’ll experience a better waiting season.

Need more guidance on maximising your waiting season? Get my book, Waiting Gracefully


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