Hi! I'm Bunmi  

Relationship Expert, Author and Teacher. I help you enjoy being single, wait gracefully for your marriage and make the right choice in a life partner.  

Let's settle one thing first; being a high achiever and wanting to get married aren't mutually exclusive.

But you might have been told otherwise.

This does not help when you are already dealing with the pressure, both internal and external, that come with being unmarried. Listening to these voices will only do certain things for you; cause you to shrink, settle for less and live with constant questions about what could have been. That shouldn't be you.

I want you to embrace being the woman you are.

That's what will make this season of waiting for marriage easier. You won't be swimming against the tide but instead flowing in the direction your life should be going. 

If you are going to enjoy this single season and be with the right man, you need to: 

  • Love and understand the woman you are, not who everyone says you are and should be. 
  • Embrace your own unique waiting gracefully journey, because hey, you are a unique person.
  • Be clear, confident and certain that you will marry the right man.
  • Prepare for your marriage, so that you get what you want and not end up with a watered-down version.

I love helping high-achieving single women like you do that and more.

In case you didn't know, I've been you.

Many moons ago, like you, I wanted to get married. I was a young twenty-something woman with a strong desire. But I also had a mind filled with steamy, passionate scenes of love and playing family.

To be honest, I never thought it would take me more than a couple of years to get married once I finished my first degree. However, ten years rolled by before I got to say those beautiful words, "I do."

Those ten years were a mixed bag. I tried to get married the way society, social media and Hollywood had told me. That was an exercise in futility. 

Only when I finally paid attention to what God was saying to me about singleness, dating and marriage did things start to change for me

So many things that I thought were the best way turned out to be wrong and unhelpful. Google tips and tricks didn't work either. 

Once I knew there was a better, more authentic way to wait for marriage, I had to share it with other women. That way, they wouldn't keep struggling on the journey to getting married.

Since 2017, I've helped high-achieving single women who want to get married to wait gracefully. As a result, they know how to navigate their relationships and enjoy being single. 

You might be wondering what I mean when I say waiting gracefully; let me tell you. 

It is my signature process that I use to support single women who want to get married. With this process, you start with the perspective you need about yourself, your singleness and the marriage you want.

In this process, I also guide you on how to embrace who you are and start living the life God wants for you. At the same time, you will be learning and preparing for dating and marriage.  


This is what positions you ready for the marriage you desire.

Ready for the marriage you desire?

Then learn how to enjoy each day till you say I do so that you can make the right choice when the right man comes along. 


About Bunmi Oduah 

Bunmi Oduah is a relationship expert, teacher and author of Waiting Gracefully. As a woman who waited many years to get married, she knows first-hand the highs and lows of being single. 

That is why she helps high-achieving women who want to get married to wait gracefully and enjoy being single

Through her book and digital programs, she helps single women:

  • love themselves 
  • enjoy their single days
  • prepare for their marriage

After a decade-long career as a regulator, she hung up her boots and built a platform for single women. Every week, she equips and supports over 13,000 women in various countries. She does this over different digital outlets

When she isn't working, she can be found bonding with her family and friends.

What My Clients Say


I had a clarity session with Bunmi and I am so glad I did. I am a lot clearer about the questions I need to ask the “potential someone” to guard my heart and not fuel my emotions based on assumptions.


You are all shades of amazing! I wasn't even done with the class but I had to pause to send you a message. You're the best, your words caused me to reflect on what I wouldn't accept in a relationship. It hit me.


I am getting married in a few days! When I joined your community this time last year, I was verrrrryyy single. Today, the story is different. I am getting married in a few days and I had to say THANK YOU BUNMI!