Hi! I'm Bunmi

I mentor single Christian women who want to get married on singleness, dating and preparing for marriage. Some call me a teacher and others know me as a mentor. By the way, I wrote a book so, I am an author too. 

But this wasn't always my story... For many years, I languished in the land of confusion.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a happy, thriving single woman who wanted to get married. My career development was going well and I lived alone as I tried to make my way through life. Daddy (God rest his soul) was no longer footing my lifestyle away from home. It was the path I had chosen for the first time in my life. To be honest, I was loving it… except there was no man in my life to share my newfound independence with.

So, I tried what I knew as a Christian single woman who wanted to get married. I read the relationship section of the magazines I bought in the shops. I went to every event for singles I heard about or was part of organising. Weddings, parties, and group trips with guys were all on the cards for me. Yet, my left ring finger remained very bare.

I must have told God how frustrated I was several times.

My prayer journal had written prayer points about whichever man had my fancy then. If there was an altar call in the church that I thought would change my last name, I went for it. I also didn't hold back on giving out of my limited salary at the time. But nothing changed.

Until one year… and in the most unlikely of circumstances. My dad passed away and I had questions. The most painful of them… “Who would walk me down the aisle?”  The dream of my dad walking me to my husband faded with his death but it also birthed something in me. It was a hunger and desire to live a more intentional life. It was less about wanting to get married and more about living a life that made a difference.

I still wanted to get married but now, it seemed to pale next to this newfound desire to be me. I wanted to live fully in the life I had at the time. With the desire came a voracious appetite for personal development and intentional living.

I leaned more into my relationship with God and boy, the things that started to happen. From getting a job that more qualified people than me applied for to a new circle of friends, it was all happening. I was living aligned with God and it was making a massive difference to every area of my life.

The closer I got to God, the clearer things became for me. I was living and thriving, not because I had a man but because I had The Man. He changed me and showed me the life I didn’t know I should be living. As things changed in me, I became more confident about getting married. No longer was I scared that I would remain an aunty forever.

As time passed, I learned to surrender my hopes and dreams and take on God’s dreams and desires for me. So much so that I got to a point where I said, "I’ll marry anyone, so long as they are Your will for my life.” Scary words right? Not true. They are the words that opened me up so that when my husband did show up, I was open to receiving him.


My story may seem like a whirlwind of ups and downs but yours is too.

We may not have the exact same scenarios but you have had your moments on your journey. 

You've wondered if you’ll ever get married. Maybe you’re scared that your time and chance have passed. Or you’re reading this and thinking you have loads of time and all this talk isn’t your story. Whatever your story is, whatever your heart’s desire and concerns are, I want you to know that you are in the right place.

At this moment, this time, you are in the place you need to be. You have found a safe space where your desires, fears, worries and expectations are welcome. Why? Because I have been there and I know you need this place. So, welcome. Over here, I’ll listen, and you’ll cry (it’s happened often). We’ll talk and I’ll offer you a kingdom-minded perspective on what you’re facing in your journey to marriage. 

If you’re about to get married or have just gotten married, you’re not here by accident either. I love having you here too as I know you can learn and share what you know with the single women who aren’t where you are yet.

So, let’s get connected. Click the link below to join my email newsletter. Let’s start talking about what you need in this season. It may be your emotional needs or that safe space I mentioned earlier. I am here to support you and help you meet those needs.

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Before you leave, I want to encourage you to embrace the woman God called you to be.

That's what will make this season of singleness easier. As you do, you will swim with the tide of your life rather than go against it. 

To make the best of this time of your life, you need to: 

  • Love and understand the woman you are, not who everyone says you are and should be. 
  • Embrace your waiting journey, because you are unique.
  • Be clear and confident that you will meet and marry the right man.
  • Prepare for your marriage so that you end up with the marriage you want rather than the one you don't want. 


About Bunmi Oduah 

Bunmi Oduah is a relationship expert, teacher and the author of Waiting Gracefully. As a woman who waited many years to get married, she knows first-hand the highs and lows of being single. 

That is why she mentors high-achieving women who want to get married. She teaches them to wait gracefully and enjoy being single

Through her book, retreats and mentoring programs, she helps single women: 

  • love themselves 
  • enjoy their singleness
  • prepare for their marriage

After a decade-long career as a regulator, she hung up her boots and built a platform for single women. Every week, she equips and supports over 13,000 women in various countries. She does this over different digital outlets. 

When she isn't working, she is having soul stirring conversations with her family and friends.

What My Clients Say


I had a clarity session with Bunmi and I am so glad I did. From the session, I am a lot clearer . I know the questions to ask the “potential someone.” That way, I guard my heart and not fuel my emotions based on assumptions.


You are all shades of amazing! I wasn't even done with the class but I had to pause to send you a message. You're the best and your words caused me to reflect on what I wouldn't accept in a relationship. It hit me.


I am getting married in a few days! When I joined your community this time last year, I was verrrrryyy single. Today, the story is different. I am getting married in a few days and I had to say THANK YOU BUNMI!