June 11

Dating advice: How to increase your chances of meeting men

One of the major complaints of single Christian women is that they aren’t meeting men. I hear it all the time and you likely have thought it on your journey to marriage. Today, I want to help you change that narrative. You can increase your chances of meeting men and ultimately your husband.

It starts with knowing that there are many things within your control. You have to step away from the passive posture many Christians take. How do you increase your chances of meeting men and ultimately, your husband? Are there things you can do?

The answer is yes, there are and I want to focus on one part today.

To increase your chances of meeting men, you need to take actions that are within your control. Start by breaking up “the triangle.”

What is the triangle? Home, church and work.

If you pause and reflect, you’ll see you spend most of your days between these 3 locations. It is a triangle that you need to break up.

How do you break things up and increase your chances of meeting men?

  1. Audit your current daily and weekly movements. Where do you spend most of your time? You want to note these down. For example, you may find out you spend 50% of your week at home because you work from home.
  2. What do your days and weeks look like in these places? What activities do you do in these places? Are they social interactions or are you always on your phone? This way, you’ll see where you can make changes.
  3. Who are you interacting with within these places you visit often? You may find out that you only hang out with the older women in church. Nothing wrong with that but at least be aware of what you are doing.
  4. Now, here’s where you increase your chances. Write 5 new places you will go in the next 5 weeks or months. If there’s a new place in town or somewhere you have been saying you will go to, put it on the list. An activity you’ve been putting off? Do it. God can bring your man to your house but He may also connect you at the gym you’ve not yet joined.
  5. Book each new place in your diary and set a time to visit the place. You can even take it further and plan what you will wear and do when you go. It’s important to plan what you will do and how you will have a great time.
  6. Go to the new place for the week or month and enjoy the experience. When you are there, please be present and take in all the place has to offer. Your focus isn’t to meet a man but to have a great time. Who knows? You might meet a man and you might not. Either way, you’ll have had a great time.
  7. Journal your experience and how you felt. What did it feel like? Is this somewhere you want to return to? Did you meet anyone? If you did meet someone, are you likely to take things further?
  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 the following week or month.

We aren’t trying to get you to meet your husband in the first new place you go to. This is more about increasing your chances of meeting him. It is also about giving you more chances to enjoy each day till you say I do.

Win-win, right?

But increasing your chances of meeting men won’t help if you don’t know how to discern the right man for you.

Meeting a man will not help you overcome your doubts, fears and worries about being single. Those lonely feelings won’t disappear because you met a man.

That is why, the time before you meet men is important. There is internal work that you need to do. You do your internal work during your waiting season or time of singleness. Once again, that is within your control.

So, focus on yourself and do the work. My book, Waiting Gracefully, clearly outlines what you should be doing and how to do it.

Meeting and connecting with your future will be easier when you do.

Until next time, keep waiting gracefully.





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