Learn the truth about life after saying I do

Attend Marriage Conversations, a 5-day online event on marriage and how to prepare yourself for it.

Marriage can be a joy and delight. 

It can also be hard work, challenging your character, patterns and behaviours. Many of us come into marriage with rose-tinted glasses thinking we are about to experience happily ever after. 

Imagine your shock when your spouse, whom you love with all your heart, becomes the person who frustrates you to no end. 

This is why PreMarital Classes are only half the truth!

There is more to marriage than knowing about communication, managing finances, holy sex, and everything they teach. Hear me well; I am not slagging premarital classes. Far from it. I believe they are good but, by the time you get to premarital class, you have already committed yourselves to each other. 

Emotions and resources have been invested. Your lives have started mixing and meshing and you are likely halfway to your wedding day. Is that the best time to learn what life after the wedding day is supposed to be?

You should know what marriage is like before you even get into a relationship. Your beliefs and convictions about your marriage and how it will be should already be formed or growing. By the time you are hitting premarital class, you should have learned from one or two or five married people about the realities of marriage. 

If you have not, do not fret. That is what Marriage Conversations is all about. I'll be pulling back the curtains of married life so you get to see what it is like without the gloss and filter of social media. 

Over 5 days, you will get a chance to: 


You will learn about the various areas of marriage from a biblical but practical point of view. None of what society says but all of what the Holy Spirit knows for a beautiful, godly marriage. 


You will have the chance to confront what you thought marriage was supposed to be. From limiting beliefs to traditions that don't work in 2023, no area is off limits during these 5 days. 


Learning without application won't profit you. During these sessions, you will be challenged to apply what you have learned, even though you are not yet married and may even have no man. 

So, let's have an authentic marriage conversation.

Attend Marriage Conversations from 28/8/23 - 1/9/23

When you sign up to attend, you will get:

Live Teaching

Vulnerable, practical and biblical teachings on being married and the reality of life after the wedding.

Live Q&A

An opportunity to get your burning questions answered in a safe and vulnerable space. No area is off-limits.

Digital resources

If you sign up for the paid access,  you will get curated digital resources to help you on your marriage journey.

Free Access

Paid Access

  • 3 months of access to all the replays
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Curated resources to help you in your marriage

About Your Teacher, Bunmi Oduah

I am the teacher who has been the student. For over ten years, I tried everything I could to get married. After many false starts, dashed hopes and tears (cue: where do broken hearts go by Whitney Houston), things changed for me. 

In the twinkling of an eye (more like fourteen months), I went from single with no boyfriend to married. It was that quick, but let me tell you that my joy didn't kick in when I met my husband. Oh no, it kicked in way before, when I was single and ready to settle. By the way, I don't mean the settling of my standards and values. 

See I was happy as a single girl, but not always. Initially, I was miserable, thought I was being punished by God and was scared I would be a spinster for life. That changed when I decided to embrace my single season.

Since 2017, I have been helping Christian women who desire to get married to wait gracefully and enjoy being single. I left my career as a regulator so that I could support women, so they didn't make the same mistakes I did. 

Hi, I am Bunmi Oduah and I would love to support you too.