Why you've not met Mr Right and what needs to change

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You've heard it before...

“It’s easy to forget all of the bad memories once you’ve found Mr Right.” ~ Amy Noelle

"When you find Mr Right, you will know. You'll just know."

"When he comes along, it will happen so quickly that it will make your head spin." 

I kid you not; those last two sentences were said to me multiple times when I was single. It was nice and encouraging in the moment but after some time, I had questions. "Why am I not meeting this elusive Mr Right?" "When will I meet him?" "What am I doing wrong?"

When you are single, people keep telling you these nice-sounding statements to encourage you but they don't do much more than that. They don't bring the right man along. 

So, what does? How do you ensure you meet Mr Right? Well, that is what this masterclass is about.

In this free masterclass, you'll learn:

  • Why you have not met Mr Right despite all the different things that you have tried.
  • The ONE major key that ensures that you get the husband and marriage you want.
  • The 6 pillars you must have if you want to meet Mr Right and how to use them.
  • The way to tell Mr Right for you when you meet him.

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What Previous Attendees Say

Tolu S.

Thanks so much Bunmi. This has been a great opportunity to be productive whilst waiting. It’s also a step of faith; preparing for the marriage that God has promised.

Grace A.

I'm going to stop looking out for many men... all I need is MY HUSBAND. I'm starting to be intentional about preparing for marriage. I've not exactly been intentional about it.

Kemi A.

Self-awareness is so key because it means there are some people you won’t even entertain because they don’t fit you. You won’t be desperate!

About me.

For many years, like you, I wanted to get married. I was a young 20-something woman whose mind was filled with steamy, passionate scenes of love and playing family.

Truth be told, I never thought it would take me more than a couple of years to get married. Alas, ten years rolled by before I got to say those beautiful words, "I do."

Those ten years of waiting were a mixed bag. Initially, I tried the way society, social media and Hollywood said it should be done. It didn't work. 

Only when I finally started using kingdom principles for singleness, dating and marriage did things start to change for me. 

Now, I help other single women, like you, to wait gracefully for their marriage and enjoy their single season. 

That's why I created this free masterclass. I don't want you to struggle any longer or wonder what you might be doing wrong.