The Waiting Gracefully Community 

A membership-based community of single women who love God, are waiting gracefully for marriage and maximising their waiting season. 

You don't have to wait gracefully alone

You have made your decision and are going to wait on God. There's just a problem. Most people don't get why you're following this path. 

When you tell them what you're doing or the choices you're making, they make you feel like your own is too much. This makes you feel weird. 

Where do you find people who get you? It's tough waiting on God but it's even harder when you can't even have real, authentic conversations with your friends and family. 

Who do you talk to when you've made a mistake, need support or want stay accountable? 

Where will you get biblically-based advice and guidance on dating, singleness, courtship and marriage?

In the Waiting Gracefully Community

01 Teachings

Monthly themes to support your journey of waiting gracefully for marriage.

02 Community

A group of like-minded women for accountability and encouragement on the journey to marriage.

03 Resources

Curated resources and guides to help you wait gracefully for your marriage. 

04 Retreats

Regular moments of solitude, reflection and recharging so you can keep going. 

Some things can't be bought but many things can be sorted by being around the right people and that's what you get in the Waiting Gracefully Community. 

A safe place 

Whether it is tears of pain or joy, you will have a place to let out how you're feeling. 

Honest conversations

Some questions are weird but not over here. You can ask anything, silly or deep. 


Not every day is amazing when you're waiting. You'll get the encouragement to keep going. 

Wura A.

Being in a community that affirms what you hold dearly was a joy and blessing. It’s not that you don’t own your convictions but when the storms come, you need to be able to go deep to gather what you need to weather that storm.

Oluwatoyin S.

It was nice to know that there are other people out there who have similar struggles like you. You are never always alone and we are a community where we have been able to share our thoughts.

Join today & find the community your soul has been longing for.

Is it possible to have a group of women rooting for you?

Yes, it is! This is the community you have been looking for. You know it.  Your waiting journey so far has been good but it can get lonely, can't it?

I should know because I've been there. Since we are always waiting for something, I know first-hand what it is like to wait. 

Let me and your sisters who are waiting hold your hands as you walk your waiting gracefully journey. I promise not to let go. 

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  • Live Q&A sessions
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