This is where I help women get to know God more

Being God's child is who I am and I love talking about my Daddy and His Word. The deeper I have gone in my walk with God, the clearer it has become that I want others to know Him too.

The resources below are how I talk about Him when I do not talk about Him in a work context.  You can join me either at Bible Study with Bunmi or Early Morning Prayers. 


One of the ways to grow your intimacy with God is to study the Word of God. In the Word of God is God's heart and mind for humanity. By studying the Word, you can learn about God as a Person, His ways and desires for you. 

You can also get answers to questions you have about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and spiritual matters when you study. 

Come to Bible study with Bunmi to learn more and go deeper in your walk with God. 


Jesus encouraged us to pray and not faint. His life seen in the Bible was a testament to the power of prayer. Every week, Monday to Friday between 5 and 6 am (UK Time), a group of people and I pray.

We pray for God's will in our lives, careers, relationships and society at large. We want God's will because we know He is bound to fulfil His will. Click the link below to join us Monday to Friday 5 - 6 am UK time as we pray. 

PS: The link will take you to the Zoom prayer call.