There are fewer phrases that trigger a single woman more than "Where is your husband?" or "When will you get married?"

If you knew the answer, they wouldn't be asking the question right? Well, you won't be triggered by that question anymore after reading the Dealing with Pressure Guide. 

From outright strangers to parents who told you to have nothing to do with boys

Everyone has an opinion or stake in when you will or should get married and why it isn't yet happening for you. How about they all just back off?! (says you in your head). 

The most annoying ones are the older women who decide there must be something wrong with you and you're now a prayer point. Don't worry, I've been there. 

The very loud prayers after service in church. The questions that seem to suggest that your standards are too high. The recommendations of men that you know are not worth your time, but hey, you are single, how dare you say no? 

Single women get a lot of pressure from all quarters but take it from me when I say, you don't have to let it get to you. I know... How is that even possible when you're getting it from people and IG social media alike? 

By choosing your response.

Get your free guide for Dealing with Pressure and start responding gracefully.

In this free guide, you will:

Clarify the different groups of people in your life so you can respond accordingly

Be able to determine how you will respond to the different groups of people

Stop shying away from family conversations about your marital status

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