There is a clear roadmap for a successful relationship

Especially a relationship you want to end up in marriage. I know this because success is predictable. Let me show you the way.

You want to get married but keep ending up with men who don't want the same

If you’ve dated for any length of time or tried to date, you know that getting and being in a relationship, especially being in the right one, isn’t a walk in the park. 

You’ve dated and you know the kinds of men you’ve met. From the downright dastardly ones to the undecided ones; the relationship landscape is filled with all sorts of characters. 

This has even made you question yourself; "is it me? Am I not good enough? Is there something else I should be doing? Where are the good guys? Are there even good guys or am I stuck with these characters who don’t seem to want to settle down?"

Some of them have even had the effrontery to send you their wedding invitations when you thought you’d be the one with them long term. Talk about a slap in the face and a shot to the heart!

I know how you feel. I was there, kissing frogs and hoping one, just one, would turn into my prince. It didn’t happen. When it did happen, when the relationship I wanted finally came along, I didn’t need to kiss a frog to start with. He was already a prince. 

You might say I am waxing lyrical but here is the thing; if you want a serious relationship, you’ll have to stop kissing frogs, learn to position yourself as the princess that you are and know how to recognise your prince.

There is a clear way to do this; set yourself up for a successful relationship and I will show you how in… 

The Relationship Roadmap

The Relationship Roadmap is a live online teaching masterclass for high achieving women who want to be in a loving, intentional relationship. It is the masterclass that sets you up for relationship success.

You can be empowered and equipped for your ideal relationship

In The Relationship Roadmap, you'll discover:

  • What may be holding you back from the relationship you want and why men are attracted to certain women.
  • The fast and friendly method you must employ before interacting with members of the opposite sex.
  • How to apply more haste, less speed when it comes to intentionally dating and courting for marriage so you don't keep getting your heart broken by going into the wrong relationship.
  • The way to prepare for the relationship you want so you don't end up in the wrong one but are walking intentionally into the right one. 


Are there certain types of men you should steer clear of if you want to be in a successful relationship? Most certainly! How do you recognise them so you keep your distance and leave the way open for the right man for you? By grabbing a copy of my eBook, I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole which you get free when you enrol on the course. In this eBook, I describe the qualities you should be wary of and whether these men deserve your time. 

Are you ready to become the woman who is set up for a successful relationship?

You are about to leave the pool of women who stumble into relationships, find out it isn't working, cry their way out and then repeat the same process in the next relationship.

Your investment in becoming that woman

And leaving relationship pain behind



  • The replay of the masterclass
  • Live Q & A session
  • One year access to the replay through your online course dashboard
  • The Relationship Roadmap workbook, Dating Declaration and Cheatsheet 

What my clients say after working with me


You had a great impact on my life

I just want to let you know you had a great impact in my life. I learnt from you how to first be friends before even thinking of a relationship with the opposite sex.


My husband blueprint really helped me 

Especially at those times when I had indecisive thoughts, my blueprint resonated in my head till I finally made the decision. I had my civil wedding... I am grateful for your wisdom


You are all shades of amazing

I wasn't even done with the class but I had to pause to send you a message. You're the best, your words caused me to reflect on what I wouldn't accept in a relationship. It hit me.

Your Teacher, Bunmi Oduah

I am the teacher who has been the student. For over ten years, I actively wanted to get married. After many false starts, dashed hopes and tears (cue: where do broken hearts go by Whitney Houston), things changed for me 

In the twinkling of an eye (actually, fourteen months), I went from single with no boyfriend to married. It was that quick, but let me tell you, it wasn't accidental. It was as a result of following key principles, which I now teach to high achieving women who want to get married.

I learnt those principles after wasting quite a number of years following society's ways of dating and doing relationships which led me nowhere. Once I started applying what I knew, things started changing.  

Since 2017, I have been helping high achieving Christian women who want to get married to wait gracefully and enjoy their waiting season. 

I would love to help you too.


How is this different to the Waiting Gracefully Program?

This is a one-off live masterclass focused specifically on your relationship whereas the Waiting Gracefully Program is a three month group coaching program that not only covers your relationship but also your life as a single woman. 

I want to join but don't have time

The live masterclass experience would be best but it will also be recorded for those who may not be able to join live or want to watch the class again. You can watch the replay at a time that is convenient for you.

How do I know this will work for me?

In this masterclass, I will be teaching you biblical, time tested principles that worked for me and the clients I have worked with. In addition, whether this will work for you will be up to you. If you put in the work, I personally believe that you will see changes in your relationship. 

Do you offer discounts or scholarships?

I do not offer discounts or scholarships, and I do appreciate that you may not be able join due to financial constraints. I pray that you will be able to in the future and look forward to seeing you then. 

If you are tired of failed relationships... 

Or relationships that never got off to a great start because the man wasn't the right one for you, then I want to encourage you to join The Relationship Roadmap. Join and change the trajectory of your next relationship.