Waiting Gracefully 

Enjoying the journey from single to married

A practical and relatable book for every woman who is waiting to get married and wants to enjoy the journey whilst doing it God's way.  


What they say

I loved the vulnerability, authenticity, God factor and practicality. Bunmi actually poured her heart into her writing and the energy screamed, I give you the audacity to wait gracefully.

Oreoluwa Musa - Entrepreneur

Waiting Gracefully book is a much-anticipated manual for women who are in the waiting season of their lives. I enjoyed reading it and I love how practical and relatable the entire book is.

Temilolu Omotade - Case Officer

What you get in this book 

And why you must read this book before you continue on your journey to marriage. 

Relatable experiences 

This book has been written so that you know that you are not alone. Someone else has walked in your shoes and knows how you feel. 

Practical, step-by-step guide 

This book plugs the gap between theory and reality. Every word has been written so you can take the right steps and actions in this single season. 

Hope and encouragement 

If you have waited for a long time, hope can seem to dwindle. This book aims to restore your hope and encourage to you to keep going in this single season.

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