Do you desire to get married?

As a woman who wants to be married, you have to start being a wife; right now

How can you be a wife if you're not married or even in a relationship?

By preparing and living as the woman God intends you to be in your marriage. Your future husband is looking for a wife, not a girlfriend or temporary plaything. He will recognise you based on who you are today. In case you think that doesn't sound right, read these words:

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favour from the Lord.

Come and learn how to 'Be A Wife'

In 5 live classes over 5 days, you'll be equipped to be the wife you are meant to be in this waiting season. 


3 - 7 July 2023




Live on Zoom

PS: The replays will be available till 9 July 2023. After this, the replays will only be available to members of the Waiting Gracefully Community. 

Be A Wife Series 

During this FREE event, I'll help you prepare for your marriage by showing you who you should be today. You'll learn:

Marriage lessons from married people

Hear what married men and women say they wished they had known before they got married.

Internal preparation

The invisible aspects and inner work that shift you from a woman who wants to get married to a wife.

External preparation 

The visible aspects and actions that reflect your shift to being a wife and not just a woman who desires marriage. 

Living as a wife

How to apply your newfound knowledge and live daily as the woman you will be in your marriage. 

What you get when you sign up

And it is all completely free. 

Live teachings

Vulnerable, practical and biblical teachings on being a wife and preparing for marriage.

Live Q&A

An opportunity to get your burning questions answered in a safe and vulnerable space. 

Digital Resources

Curated resources and links to support you on your journey to becoming a wife. 

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