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I help women like you, wait gracefully by maximising their waiting season. When we work together, I'll help you retreat and refresh yourself so you can keep going on the path God has for you. A path that leads to His will for your marriage, children and whatever else you desire. That is what you want right?

Here is how I can support you in your season of waiting.

Waiting Gracefully EXPERIENCE 

The Waiting Gracefully Experience is a 13-week online learning and retreat experience for women who want to get married. With this experience, they learn how to enjoy their single season, take the right steps whilst waiting and prepare for the marriage they want.

When you join the experience, you will grow in confidence as your self-awareness increases and you start to bloom. This experience gives you a clear, easy-to-follow framework to use so that you become a woman who is intentional about enjoying her singlehood and is preparing for her marriage.

woven: the intimacy experience

Woven: the intimacy experience is for the married woman who is waiting for God's promise to be fulfilled in her life and marriage. 

Over 4 weeks, you get a safe and vulnerable space to talk about how you are really doing. You also get to connect or reconnect with God and yourself. 

Life and waiting in marriage can make us lose sight of who we are, Whose we are and what God wants for us. 

This experience helps you to gain that back or even learn for the first time how to grow in intimacy with God and yourself. 

Waiting Gracefully Book

Bunmi had grand plans for herself when it came to marriage. She was convinced she would be married by 25 and have all her children by 30. After a broken engagement and more failed relationships than she cares to admit, it became clear that she needed to know more about getting married. 

After finding herself single for a while and with no potential husband in sight, she finally paid attention to God who had been trying to get her attention all along. In Waiting Gracefully, she takes you through the twists and turns of the journey from being single to arriving at her final destination.

No area is off limits in this detailed guide for single women who desire marriage but would love to enjoy their time of singleness as well. From sex to heartbreak, limiting beliefs to preparing for marriage, Bunmi lays it all out for you so that you can say when you get married, “I waited gracefully, the way God intended.”

What My Clients Say 


The session I had with Bunmi gave me top-notch understanding. In fact, after the session, I had to buckle up. I started with my journals, observing the patterns I see, and the trends in my life and I’m impressed with what I have done so far. Everybody should book a clarity session with her.


I had a clarity session with Bunmi and I am so glad I did. Wish I had the chat much earlier to be honest but better late than never. I am a lot clearer about the questions I need to ask the “potential someone” in order to guard my heart and not fuel my emotions based on assumptions


Bunmi is all shades of amazing!
I wasn't even done with the masterclass she taught but I had to pause whilst watching it to send her a message. She is the best, her words caused me to reflect on what I wouldn't accept in a relationship. It hit me.