Woven: The Intimacy Experience

An online retreat experience for the married woman who has dreams and is waiting for them to be fulfilled.

What if I told you that what you are going through right now can birth something beautiful?

You might feel like your dreams are shattering before your eyes, but what you think is broken is actually being woven into something stronger.

God who wove you together in your mother’s womb is still working on you even today. He’s weaving something powerful in your waiting/while you wait.

Here’s how you know this is for you. Even though the logical thing to do is to give up, somewhere in your heart, you want this to work.

In Woven, we're not coming to work on your marriage. We won’t even talk about it. What we’ll do is help you reconnect with yourself again and restore your rhythm of intimacy with God.

After your Woven experience, you: 

  • Come away feeling lighter, as you have had the chance to share how you're feeling in a safe space. 
  • Are more aware of what you want, what God wants for you and how to get it. 
  • Are able to face the days ahead, refreshed and inspired to live the life you desire even as you wait for your dreams. 

Your intimacy itinerary

Over the 4 weeks, this is what we will be doing so you can reconnect with yourself and God.

Week 1 - Intimacy Nights

You’ve never acknowledged how you’re feeling. You’ve never voiced out loud, the pain, the disappointment, the anger, the questions. Intimacy nights help you do that.

They are not about what your husband did or didn’t do, what has or hasn’t happened. They are for you. A safe place to let out what is in you.

These are not recorded or replayed so you can be as open as possible.

Week 2 - Intimacy Dinner

Draw up a chair, it's time to get to know each other; you and God, that is. 

It’s really hard to have a thriving relationship when you don’t know the person. Your intimacy dinner is for you and Him. For you to get to know Him. He knows you but do you know Him?

Week 3 - Intimate brunch

This is spending time with your girl. That’s you, by the way.

You’ve been giving everyone all that they need but when last did you have a date with yourself? When last did you laugh with yourself? When last did you treat yourself to something for yourself?

Week 4 - Intimacy lifestyle

Planning how you’re going to live intimately every day.

You’ll have had such an intimate experience and that needs to continue. So what would that look like for you in your current life circumstances? What does your husband need to know to support you? How will your family fit into your new intimacy lifestyle?

Hi! I am Bunmi Oduah, the host of your intimacy experience

This intimacy experience is for you as it is for me. As a married woman, I have found that theory and reality can be miles apart. Even when you've done things as well as you should for getting married, things may not go to plan. 

Life can be markedly different to what you thought you would have. What do you do when things aren't going the way you want or you're tired of what you are experiencing? 

You take a break. It may seem impossible but even an hour to yourself is a break. 

You need this retreat so you can hear yourself again or start hearing yourself. This is your time to speak with God, unburden your heart and hear what He has to say to you. 

Your investment


What you get when you sign up:

  • Live group teaching sessions
  • Live Q&A 
  • Intimacy lifestyle plan 
  • Reflection worksheets
  • Safe and vulnerable space


Come away, let's spend some time refreshing and refuelling you so you can keep going in your marriage. 

Let's weave His story for you